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FoIf you have any queries or comments about the content of these pages or if you are interested in finding out more about Prof Pryce's research and consultancy, please email him at the following address:

    email: g@gwilympryce.co.uk

or contact him at his work address:

    Prof Gwilym Pryce
    Deputy Director of the Graduate School (Social Sciences)
    Department of Urban Studies
    University of Glasgow
    25 Bute Gardens
    G12 8R

Email:           g.pryce@socsci.gla.ac.uk
Tel:               0141 330 5048
COS profile:  http://myprofile.cos.com/GwilymPryce
Web page:    www.gla.ac.uk/departments/urbanstudies/staff/pryceg.html
CV:                 click here.

About Gwilym:

Gwilym is currently the Professor of Urban Economics and Social Statistics in the Department of Urban Studies, University of Glasgow.  He is also the Deputy Director of the Graduate School in the Faculty of Law, Business and Social Sciences, University of Glasgow. He is Chair of the Housing Research Group (Department of Urban Studies) and Founding Chair of SHEFRN (the Scottish Housing Economics and Finance Research Network).

More information on Gwilym's background and expertise is available here.

*ImoEconometrics is a Portuguese real estate investment consultancy firm, of which Dr Gwilym Pryce is an Associate Member.

Are you a student looking for resources to help you learn SPSS? Or maybe you are an instructure looking for innovative ways to teach statistics and/or overcome some of the frustrating limitations of SPSS?

If you are an experienced SPSS user looking for ways to improve your SPSS skills, and/or locate macros to complete a particular task, one of the best websites available is:

Looking for a friendly and lively local church?

For a great set of teaching resources and thought provoking essays,

  • for Wanadoo, click here.
  • for 1and1, click here.

Click here for Gwilym Pryce's contact details and here for Gwilym's CV.

Go to www.geebeejey.co.uk to order Inference and Statistics in SPSS by Gwilym Pryce (GeeBeeJey Publishing).